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We helped Boxpark re-imagine the street: the world's first pop-up mall.


Boxpark’s vision for creating a ‘community of brands’ - a temporary collection of shops, cafes and galleries - out of shipping containers was an exciting new concept. Set in Shoreditch, east London, an area known for a distinctly leftfield approach to retail, Boxpark aimed to raise the bar in one of the world’s most creative markets.

What we did

We created a strong visual identity with an industrial aesthetic, reflecting the monolithic quality of the containers themselves. We designed not only the identity, website and brochures, but also managed the design and production of the directional signage, London-wide advertising campaigns and large format graphics.


Forty-three diverse, niche and visionary brands signed up to Boxpark. They included the likes of Nike, Phaidon and Amnesty International. The brand has subsequently attracted investment for the purpose of expanding across the UK and into continental Europe.

Boxpark won the CoolBrand award 2012/13.