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GFSmith – Fine Coated

A printed promotion to put the G.F Smith Fine Coated range of paper firmly on the map.
GFSmith – Fine Coated


G.F Smith has long been recognised for its exceptional collection of uncoated papers. But now, with the addition of Heaven 42 to complement their existing popular coated paper, PhoenixMotion – G.F Smith now have a small and exclusive range of coated papers. They needed a promotion that would showcase the high print performance of these papers to the full.

What we did

Working with the photographer Angela Moore, we took a series of still life shots of flowers being coated with paint. Each image helps to illustrate a particular feature or benefit to using the paper from its near perfect whiteness to its outstanding colour handling. We demonstrate the paper's handling of ink (both litho and digital), using different finishes, all on a variety of the paper's textures and weights. We wanted to ensure the promotion, while being a useful tool for printers and designers alike, would be a tactile piece, inviting the user to feel each sheet, to experience the smoothness and quality of the coated range.