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Good Energy

We helped Good Energy reposition itself as the UK’s only 100% renewable energy supplier.
Good Energy


With many of the UK’s ‘brown’ energy companies paying little more than lip service to green energy, Good Energy, a small, established and ideologically focussed company, was keen – after 10 years of good and important work – to underline how different, resourceful and forward thinking it is. In doing so, it would require a brand identity that set it apart from the competition, spoke directly to the consumer and continued to attract the attention of those in power.

What we did

The Good Energy Sun (the sun being the starting point of all energy) is the centrepiece of the visual language. This is supported by a robust yet elegant custom typeface that allows the company to communicate with originality and conviction. To bring some freshness into the identity we developed a distinctive colour palette that is used across the suite of sub brands.