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The Lollipop Shoppe

We were asked to help The Lollipop Shoppe take its next step: to create an identity built on innovation, personality and refined aesthetics.
The Lollipop Shoppe


Having set up as a shop designed to showcase furniture and accessories in a way that was at once relaxed, informal and forward looking, The Lollipop Shoppe was keen to transform this early success into a brand known for its attention to detail, for an approach that conveys passion, originality and taste – all in the name of good design. It doing so, it set out to make its mark in a seriously competitive market.

What we did

We wanted to create something that reflects the heritage of their large line of classic products from manufacturers like Vitra, that fits in with the contemporary brands like Established & Sons and that conveyed the straightforward nature with which The Lollipop Shoppe conducts its business. We created a bespoke stencil typeface (part inspired by the 20th century modular stencils created by Josef Albers and Le Corbusier, but with a contemporary elegance) that is used throughout the identity.


Things have moved very fast. The Lollipop Shoppe opened a new shop in London’s Spitalfields Market. It moved to larger and better positioned premises in Brighton. Despite the present economic climate, sales have increased year on year and its reputation continues to grow.