Beautifully Simple Thinking

Beautifully Simple Thinking is the foundation of everything we do at Studio Makgill.

obsessive SIMPLICITY

Simplicity enables businesses to cut through the chaos of this ever-changing world. Designs that are composed of only the absolutely essential resonate deeper.

But, making things simple is not simple – it takes a process of discovery, experimenting and navigating complex messages. We learn what is vital and then distil everything to a simple clarity – a clarity that speaks the truth about your brand.


We are in the business of beauty. Aesthetics have the power to capture attention, spark thoughts, trigger emotions and add value.

It’s our mission to harness this to create beautiful trend-resistant designs. Designs that resonate and evoke both now and far into the future. In a consume quick and throwaway society, ideas with longevity are more sustainable and more meaningful.


To design without planet or people in mind is to create problems rather than solutions. Through design, we have the potential to inspire positive change.

It’s not right to design just for now. We have to conceive and create while thinking about the future that’s beyond our time. Be that through the materials and processes we use, the messages we send or the support we offer.

If you are interested in how Beautifully Simple Thinking might help your business, we’d love to hear from you.

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